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Hair quality improvement

18 organic reverse care

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High-quality luster and cohesiveness that will take root as you continue.

Focusing on maintaining a well-balanced hair environment with the idea of "care before shampoo" instead of the conventional cycle of repairing after damage.

Enjoy the full lineup of Eneru and the preventive beauty "Reverse Care" for hair at home.

All of the 18 organic reverse care products we are introducing can be purchased at our online shop.


how to use


STEP​ .1

Prevention / introduction

Rinse and apply moisture to your hair.

After application, rub in firmly until it feels sticky.

After leaving it for 3 to 5 minutes, moisturize it and go to reverse care.

STEP​ .2


Apply wash to hair and massage until it foams firmly. Frequent bubbling is evidence of cleanliness.

Massage from top to bottom is effective for scalp aging care. Leave it for 2 minutes to firmly trap beauty ingredients such as minerals inside the hair. Comb with bubbles in order from the bottom.


STEP​ .3


<< If you aim for a smooth texture >> Apply an appropriate amount around the ends of the hair and wash it off thoroughly.

<< If you aim for a moist texture >> Apply an appropriate amount mainly to the tips of the hair without rinsing the wash, and then rinse thoroughly.

STEP​ .Four

​Texture care

Apply an appropriate amount mainly to towel-dried hair.

<< If you want a smooth texture >> Dry it immediately with a hairdryer.

<< If you want a moist texture >> Leave it for about 5 minutes and then dry it with a hairdryer.


STEP​ .Five


After shampooing and towel drying, apply before drying and finish with a blow iron.

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