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privacy policy

ASARI beauty produce Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information handled in conducting its business activities, and has established the following basic policy under the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations, and under this basic policy We will handle personal information properly.

  1. After specifying the purpose of use of personal information as much as possible, we will announce it in advance, notify the person, or clearly indicate it to the person.

  2. Personal information will not be handled beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, except as required by law.

  3. Personal information will be obtained by legal and fair means.

  4. We will endeavor to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

  5. We will take necessary and appropriate measures for safety management such as prevention of leakage, loss or damage of personal information.

  6. In order to ensure the safety management of personal information, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision to staff, such as conducting regular training.

  7. When entrusting all or part of the handling of personal information, we will carry out necessary and appropriate supervision, such as establishing the security management obligation and reporting obligation of the trustee in the entrustment contract so that the safety management can be achieved.

  8. Personal information will not be provided to a third party without the prior consent of the individual, except as required by law.

  9. When a person requests disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of personal information, we will respond appropriately in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

  10. We will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

About prohibition of resale of products

We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation as we will once again clearly state that resale for commercial purposes is prohibited on this site so that our customers can purchase our products with peace of mind.

  • For the purpose of profit, it is prohibited to purchase the product on behalf of us or the site to which we outsource the sale and resell it to a third party.

  • If it is found that you have resold or attempted resale for the purpose of profit in violation of the preceding paragraph, we will not accept further orders at our discretion.

  • We are not responsible for any troubles that occur with products purchased from "bulletin boards / auctions", "flea market apps", etc. other than our company and the sites to which we outsource sales.

Specifically, in the case of the following orders, we may cancel even after the order is completed.

  • ・ Purchase one product in large quantities with one order, and purchase various products in different sizes and colors in large quantities

  • ・ Specify the destination with multiple addresses ・ Order multiple times Ship to a different address from the address

  • ・ Multiple orders Shipment to a different address from the address ・ Requests such as taking a price tag for purposes other than gifts

  • ・ Others If it is determined that this is for resale

All the staff will continue to work hard as "partners who support individual beauty", and we appreciate your understanding.


​Payment method

- credit card 
- Convenience store settlement

- Bank transfer

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